Fees & Payment

From 1.1.2024

  • Minimum labour charge: £40 (for work that takes less than an hour.)
  • Hourly thereafter: £35 (in 30 minute increments)
  • Day rate (per person): £210 (based on 7 hours work)
  • Urgent call-out (same day response): first hour on site: £150 then £75 an hour.
  • Small parts and consumables. A small variable charge based on the work to allow for clips, connectors, junction boxes, drill bits etc. .that are not explicitly quoted elsewhere.
  • Parts: for clarity parts are usually itemised and costed in the estimate separate to labour costs.
  • Free estimates and fixed quotes available on request:
  • Costs can change due to site conditions or issues found once work starts, costs will not increase without agreement from the customer in advance. Fixed quotes are available, but as they have to account for the unknown can be more expensive that estimates.
  • We are not currently VAT registered, quotes are not subject to VAT which allows the saving to be passed onto the customer.